Bones parts ways with TKB

By Rosalia David

THIS might come as a surprise to many diehard fans, but after almost a decade of making music and touring the country together, musician Bones from the much-loved trio TKB has left the group.

Despite the ‘former trio’ denying the break up rumors on numerous occasions, Confidente has learned that one of the group members has gone solo following the recent release of their new music video ‘Mpora’ in which Bones did not appear.

Questioned on why he was excluded from that music video, Bones refused to shed more light on what transpired but seemingly admitted that he is a solo artist now.

“I do music alone that is why I am not in the video. I do music apart from the group, yes, but I never left TKB, and we are meeting up again to talk. It was just a misunderstanding I guess ‘cos of the fact that I am doing projects alone,” he said.

He said despite the current misunderstandings that occurred between him, and the other TKB members; Abby and Sai, he will forever cherish the moments and the bond they shared as they had come a long way.

“We are blood brothers, real family. We grew up together even before the music came into existence. I am a TKB forever. When you see them, you see me too and when people see me, they see them as well.”

Refusing to dwell more on the break up topic, Bones said that he however has plans to release his own solo music video this week titled ‘Yakukora Ngayikulya’ which focuses on educating people about real life issues.

“The song is actually to educate people on real life things such as what you love and hate is what is likely to kill you,” he explained.

Apart from the upcoming music video, Bones released a solo EP early this year titled ‘Kamundjere’.

“I stopped pushing the EP because of a few reasons even though the fans still want to hear more songs from it. I left that project and I will no longer be pushing it. I am working on singles that I will be dropping as soon as I get a chance.”

On what fans could expect from him, Bones said his only aim is to create good music with all his heart and soul that will blow people away.