Book to empower women, youths

By Rosalia David

BUDDING author Rauna Kahenge has released her first book titled ‘Made for Greatness’ which aims at empowering women.
In an interview with the soft spoken author, Kahenge (23) said ‘Made for Greatness’ is a two in one book with the first chapter titled ‘Women for Women’.
“The first part basically focuses on empowering and educating as well as changing the young women mindset of some cultures that have enforced women to accept some things of life and in the end, it makes them lose themselves to the demands of the world,” she said.
Kahenge added that the ‘Women for Women’ chapter also provides a guidance on how females can reach their fullest potential in becoming great and being comfortable with living by their own terms.
The second chapter is titled ‘Made for greatness,’
She said this is a combination of different articles she believes are suitable for both genders.
“The articles focus on different challenges of life and how to overcome or tackle them while being in the most positive state of mind.”
She went on to say that the book is not just for reading but is also a movement to motivate, inspire, empower and help -mainly fellow youths- on different aspects of life and to encourage them to continue working towards greatness.
Kahenge said she is firm a believer that everyone is made for greatness.
Asked on some of the challenges she experienced during the production phase of the book, she said: “The time I decided to publish the book, that’s when Covid-19 hit and some publishing companies had to close, so I would probably say that was one of the challenges we faced and also looking and finding a great and trusted publisher.”
The book was edited and published by Microwide Publishing Press.
On how her book has been received Kahenge said, so far, people have expressed their excitement to read what she has written.
“It is going so much better than we expected. I got very good reviews from those that purchased so far and that means so much to me. It is my first book and we were very nervous about how the public was going to receive it. But, I’m quite confident and happy with the feedback.”
Kahenge further said that never in her wildest dream did she ever imagine herself being an author but now that her first book is on the shelves, there is no stopping.
“I was more focused on writing articles and putting them out for instant motivation, but then I started holding conferences and people kept asking for a book and telling me how I should consider put all my speeches on paper and I did. All I want is to educate, empower and inspire my fellow youth.”