Boulter challenges PG’s ‘rushed charges’

as he battles N$100 million shakedown

• By Andre Tino

THE British-Namibia billionaire Harvey Boulter’s multi-layered case against Alta van Wyk calls into question the truth of charges made and the administration of justice.

Van Wyk is the widow of the late Gerhard van Wyk, who was Boulter’s manager.

Gerhard was accidentally shot and killed two years ago at Kamanjab during a scuffle with Boulter for the gun he was holding.

Alta initially demanded that Boulter pay N$30m before she upped it to N$55m and then N$80m. Now, Alta has increased the demand to N$100m.

The ever-deepening discrepancies in her account are at the heart of this judicial tangle.

In her founding affidavit, van Wyk said Boulter aimed his gun at her late husband’s head and said the gun discharged as her late husband, Gerhard van Wyk, made desperate attempts to stop Boulter from shooting.

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