Budding musician hopeful amid obstacles

By Rosalia David

BUDDING musician Hilma Uusiku better known as Rockstar Wettu is aiming for the stars with a new full-track album underway.

In an interview with Confidente, Uusiku revealed her plans of releasing a second album which she said will be her official debut into the music industry.

“I released my first album last year but it was not received that well and people still don’t know me, now this upcoming one, I am hoping that it will help me penetrate into the industry,” she said.

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Asked on the date of release Uusiku said she is still struggling with collecting funds for studio as she is currently unemployed and out of school.

“I was at Welwitschia health training centre but I dropped out because there is no money to pay for my schooling,” she said.

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She further highlighted ‘lack of connections’ as one of the other challenges in trying to make it in the music business.

Uusiku said, ever since she released her first album, she has been struggling to get her music played on radio.

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“It is only one radio station that plays my music, the rest, I keep enquiring and I am just told that it is still being loaded on the system, I guess, it is because I am not known but I believe I have talent,” she stressed.

In regards to her upcoming album, Uusiku said she plans on featuring award winning musicians such as Mushe, Exit, Drawer, Top Cheri and producer Mjay.

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The musician further described herself as a jack of all trades who is capable of nailing any type of beat.

“I do everything from Kwaito, dancehall to house.

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I am a musician and I believe we can express ourselves in all type of genres,” she said. She however mentioned school as her first priority saying that before releasing the upcoming offering, she intends to find ways in making money to pay for her studies.

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“I will be taking part in a community gender based violence project and in exchange they will be paying for my schooling,” she mentioned.

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