Bus owner in court over N$1m deal

By Tracy Tafirenyika

Phibion Tapfuma has taken Kamaku Happiness Transport CC, a Namibian bus company, to court for allegedly failing to uphold their end of a vehicle sale agreement.

Tapfuma claims that he paid a staggering N$1,016,000 in instalments to acquire a Scania bus worth N$1,100,000, but the company has yet to deliver the vehicle or reimburse him the outstanding amount of N$83,800.

The dispute stems from a partly oral and written vehicle sales agreement in May 2023 between Tapfuma and Kamaku Happiness Transport CC.

According to court documents, Tapfuma was required to pay a deposit of N$200,000 to cover repairs, including a broken windscreen and lamps, faulty shocks, and a damaged left front tire.

The balance of N$900,000 was to be paid before the 5th of June 2023, at which point ownership and possession of the bus would be transferred to Tapfuma.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the bus was removed from Scania company premises without the agreed repairs done, causing suspicion on Tapfuma’s part.

When he inquired, he discovered that the bus had been taken to the North, and the first defendant, Kamaku Happiness Transport CC, had cancelled the contract and was unwilling to take an outstanding balance.

Tapfuma’s legal representation claims that the first defendant’s refusal to accept payment was a calculated strategy to avoid delivering the vehicle, leaving him in a predicament where he had paid a substantial amount without receiving the goods he rightfully purchased.

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