Businesswoman inspires through writing

By Rosalia David

BUSINESSWOMAN Penehafo Endjala’s two books, ‘We need one another in life’ and ‘Counting my blessings’ are beautifully written stories based on real-life stories aiming at promoting humanity and gratitude.

In ‘We need one another in life,’ Endjala touches on a fascinating variety of topics such as child upbringing,  inheritance and the importance of good friends, while in ‘Counting my blessings’  she focuses more on her upbringing, from being a youngster to the successful God-fearing businesswoman she is today.

Going through the books cover to cover one cannot deny the fact that these memoirs are wildly enjoyable and worth every penny.

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In ‘We need one another in life’ she wrote with great sensitivity about the bond that developed between two brothers Natangwe and Indila who supported each other financially and emotionally  through thick and thin.

She also perfectly describes the bond the two brothers had until Natangwe passed on.

Endjala further writes on how Natangwe’s wife’s attitude and personality started to change after inheriting items and money from her husband.

“The title is promoting humanity and simply reminding and encouraging us that it doesn’t matter where we are in life, we are who we are because of others and we will forever need one another in our lives,” Endjala said in an interview.

Meanwhile, she described ‘Counting my blessings’ as a book influenced by wanting to show appreciation for the life she has. “There is no greater title for me than this one.”

On how she started her writing career, Endjala said she had attended a parent information meeting at a school in Windhoek in 2000 and networked with a group of ladies there who somehow triggered the idea of writing relatable books.

“We did not know each other but discussed many issues. One lady who looked like she was in her late 40s or early 50s was complaining about her son … at that moment, I realised that there is a need for books that speak on how parents can discipline their children.”

She revealed that she has plans to release another book by the beginning of next year.

“My books are always released on important dates of my life.

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  The first one was released on the 22 May which is my wedding anniversary while the second book was launched on the 22 August, on my birth date.”

Despite the two books released during the lockdown period, Endjala described the reception of her books as ‘amazing,’ saying that sales were not affected.

“I cannot thank God enough as I did not have the launch but through advertising on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and through word of mouth and being on radio the people actually supported me,” Endjala said.

She also encouraged aspiring authors to start putting their unique ideas and stories on paper.

“Your journey will start from your manuscript that will need to be edited, register with the National library to get the ISBN number, register your copyright with BIPA, get a designer to help with cover design and a book layout or design the book cover yourself, get a publisher or opt for self-publishing. Do your research and get help. We need our own stories and our own books written by Namibians.”

The two books she has released are also available in Oshiwambo.