By Michael Uugwanga NUST’s men’s hockey team coach, Fenestha Pienaar, says her team is geared for the University Sports South Africa (USSA) hockey tournament. Pienaar said her squad has been working hard in preparation and has received the blessings of NUST’s EXCO ahead of the games. The USSA Hockey competition will be held from July 3 to 7. NUST has been competing in the competition for seven years and its highest finish was a third-place finish a few years ago, which Pienaar says they intend to improve on. “I started with a pool of 32 players to choose from and now have a team of 17 players in the final squad. I am grateful for the trust shown in me, particularly by the NUST EXCO. Training has been difficult, and getting the boys to gel is still a work in progress, but fitness-wise, they have all shown a level of development, and I can only be excited. “The goal this year is to get out of the C section. We are ready to win. Much groundwork has been laid, and despite our opponents, we are focused on the ball. We have been to the competition before, and our best finish was third. I am very excited and confident that we will win the gold medal this year,” Pienaar remarked. She, on the other hand, has reminded her players that the only way they can reach greatness is if they follow the instructions and work as a team. “Last year we finished last. The boys have to remember each step of the way that as long as we play for each other, we can get what we are aiming for. It was important to make the selection fair throughout. After the team was selected, together with the non-travelling contingent, we continued the preparations,” said Pienaar.

By Kaipaherue Kandjii 

YOUNG African Football Club chairman, Maleagi Ngarizemo, has acknowledged that relegated Black Africa Football Club approached him inquiring about buying his club’s league status.

Ngarizemo, on the other hand, informed Confidente that he rejected the offer despite widespread speculation that he intended to sell the club’s league rights for an undisclosed fee, rumoured to be worth N$1.2 million, allowing Black Africa to regain access to top-flight domestic football.

Ngarizemo also acknowledged he had been approached by a number of individuals and a lower-division club, inquiring on a potential trade, but says he remains certain that Young African FC is not for sale.

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“There’s nothing wrong with people approaching us, but we’re not going to sell our rights.

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As a result, we are not for sale. Yes, I can confirm that a few clubs, including Black Africa, came to us.

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We are enjoying our ten-year anniversary and have no plans to sell,” Ngarizemo explained.

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