Cadilu hands over N$1.1 million to workers

By Aina Raiza Kweyo

CALIDU Fishing rewarded its workers through the Embwinda Fishing Workers Trust for a job well done during 2018 in a ceremony in Windhoek last week where the workers recieved a cheque of N$1.1 million from Cadilu Fishing to distribute to the employees of Embwinda Fishing.
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The Embwinda Fishing Workers Trust was founded to recognize employees of Embwinda who catch and process Cadilu’s quota. Through the Trust , employees collectively hold a 12 percent interest in Cadilu Fishing (Pty) Ltd, which enables them to collect dividends based on Calidu’s economic performance.

The Trust is managed by trustees, who are employees of Embwinda and appointed by them.

Representing the shareholders of Cadilu Fishing and shareholder of Embwinda Fishing Sustjie Mbumba said: “In today’s tough economic climate, it is so much more gratifying to be able to give back to our hardworking employees. It is thus with great pleasure that we are recognise our employees’ contribution to the success of Calidu Fishing and Embwinda Fishing. We thank you for your commitment.”

She further said: “I wish to recognise the employees for catching and processing Cadilu’s fishing quota successfully. Let me also thank Cadilu Fishing who founded the Embwinda Fishing Workers Trust. This partnership enables the workers to collect dividends based on Cadilu’s performance.

EFWT Trustee Fransisco Fransisku expressed the gratitude of the workers and said they appreciated the gesture: “We are grateful to Cadilu Fishing for the funds recieved and for recognising our contribution as employees. We also thank Embwinda for creating a conducive workplace.
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Each of Cadilu’s eligible employees would recieve an equal amount from the dividends and may utilise the funds as they choose. Walvis Bay-based Calidu Fishing is one of the largest employers in the Namibian hake industry.