Camaraderie along Nam-Angolan border

By Marx Itamalo at Onanghwe

IT is around 15h00 on Saturday afternoon and the Okamulunga location at Onanghwe village is buzzing with activity. On the Namibian side of the border, a football match is underway between a team from Angola and their counterparts from Namibia. All players are Oshikwanyama speakers, and with deep connections, only separated by an artificial border in the form of a colonial era gravel road.
On both sides of the village, each with a different headman, stand zinc shebeens and shops. Albeit belonging to different countries, locals cross the border to either side any time unhindered either to go eat kapana or to get a glass of the traditional brew of ‘folondela’, ‘tombo’ or ‘epyaka’, brewed on both sides, or just to buy whatever necessity that could not be found on the other side.

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