Cancer Survivor Day: A triumph of hope and resilience

Cancer Survivor Day is a heartfelt celebration of life, marked by joy and thanks.

Held on June 4th every year, it is more than just a round of applause for those who have beaten the disease. Cancer survivor Benjamin Pretorius, who is an active member of a cancer foundation, shared his inspiring story of resilience, hope, and how he beat cancer.

Reflecting on his journey, Pretorius said that being diagnosed with cancer was a turning point in his life. He could have accomplished a lot in the past years but could only do so because of his battle.

“It impacted my life a lot in a terrible and a good way. The wrong way, there was a lot I could have accomplished in these few years, but I couldn’t because of cancer.

The good part is that it brought me closer to the Lord. Some people say that I inspire them and give them hope, and I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, especially about cancer, so that’s also great,”

He further cited that even though his battle was a challenge, he always appreciated the support from his friends, family, and fellow survivors. He found the courage to fight it.

Furthermore, Pretorius cited that some cancer patients do not have the support system or resources of being able to battle the disease, but he is most grateful that he had some resources.

The one thing that made a big difference in his journey to battle cancer is that where the chemo treatment happened, the nurses there were out of this world. The kindness, caring love, and just being super lovely made me not feel sad or down.

“My experience with cancer has made me realize that even if I am fit and healthy, tomorrow is not always sure.

I developed a malignancy. It taught me to treasure life and earth at each moment because you never know when it will end. Still, I will maintain my health and fitness,” he added.

Pretorius added that even though he is not involved in many cancer associations, he was a speaker at the Zuzu Hands Cancer Holding Foundation, where he spoke about his journey.

“I am open to doing campaigns and raising awareness. But there were also a few cancer patients that I connected with, to show support and just to talk,” added Pretorius

Zuzu Holding Hands Cancer Foundation founder Rossina Kalimba highlighted that the foundation offers emotional support and counselling to patients and survivors and promotes awareness about early prevention and treatment options for the disease.

Kalimba further said that one of the memorable moments for her was when the foundation visited a young child who was diagnosed with cancer.

“One of the most memorable moments for me and my team was when we visited a young child with cancer in the hospital.

We brought a get-well-soon pack filled with toys and treats to help brighten her day. The joy on her face as she played with the toys and interacted with us was heartwarming.

It was a reminder of the positive impact that our work can have on the lives of cancer survivors and their families.

Furthermore, Kalimba cited that the foundation will be hosting a cancer survivor day on July 13th to celebrate the strength and resilience of cancer survivors. The event will feature guest speakers who will share their journeys and thoughts and include other activities.