Capricorn Academy empowers Namibian youth

The Capricorn Academy for School Leavers, an initiative of Bank Windhoek, launched under its “Young Talent Programme” with the announcement of the ten successful candidates yesterday.

The Capricorn Foundation pledged N$1 million as part of its commitment to empowering Namibia’s youth and tackling youth unemployment.  The chosen applicants were greeted with open arms in Windhoek for an extensive induction and onboarding session that included a tour of the company’s branches to assist them get acquainted with the business.

The programme was renamed the Emerging Bankers Programme after it was launched in May this year as the Capricorn Academy for School Leavers. By investing N$1 million in the Emerging Bankers Programme, the Capricorn Foundation creates valuable opportunities for young Namibians to acquire essential skills and find employment.

Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, stated that the programme is set to prepare individuals for careers and give them teaching and job appointments.

“The programmer’s structure, which includes extensive training and job placements over 18 months, reflects a commitment to the Foundation nurturing talent and preparing individuals for fulfilling careers in the banking sector.  We are happy that this initiative serves as a significant stepping stone towards economic independence and professional growth,” said Horn.

Furthermore, the Emerging Bankers Programme recognizes the unique challenges that young people in small towns face, such as limited access to education and employment opportunities. 

These individuals often encounter significant obstacles to advancing their careers. By providing training and job opportunities locally, the programme addresses unemployment and contributes to the development and empowerment of rural communities.

Louretta Louw, Head of People Development at Bank Windhoek, said that this highlights the importance of providing opportunities for those facing challenges accessing education and employment, ensuring a promising future. 

Investing in the youth reduces unemployment, alleviates poverty, and creates a skilled and motivated workforce, increasing productivity and innovativeness.

“The Emerging Bankers Programme aims to create a talent pipeline in smaller towns, foster community engagement, and harness the potential of our youth, creating a sense of belonging for this vital demographic.  The initiative seeks sustainable solutions through partnerships with local communities and stakeholders. With more than 750 applications received, the programme shows early success and a commitment to empowering the young workforce,” stated Louw. 

Acknowledging the groups’ critical role in tackling teenage unemployment brings attention to the importance of community participation and corporate social responsibility.

As the programme continues to gain attention and participation, it sets a powerful example of how collaboration between the private sector, philanthropic organizations, and local communities can drive positive change and create opportunities for sustainable development. 

In addition, some branches will host some candidates, Mariental, Dirlon Reynolds Katima Mulilo, Musiyabai Tabale and Iuze Muitumwa Osjifo, Juliana Fillipus Ondangwa, Anna Haikali and Mateus Joseph Outapi, Edla Tjikaka Oshakati, David Nangombe Keetmanshoop, Shawnae Stoffel Opuwo, Vamanouzeu Muzuma. The Emerging Bankers Programme represents a promising model for addressing youth unemployment in Namibia.

It offers hope and opportunity to the next generation. This initiative has the potential to make a difference, drive significant positive change, and foster inclusive economic growth.