Carry K: Female rapper on the rise

By Rosalia David

NOt too long ago, only a small number of female rappers held it down in the industry, but as the years go by more and more female rappers are coming out to spit rhymes like never before.

Rapper and comic Caroline Amutenya, better known as Carry K, has just instilled some sort of hope for the Hip Hop genre in the country with her upcoming lit album titled ‘Spit my feelings’.

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With the resurgence of female MCs in the country being a surprise, as many previously stood in the shadows in the male-dominated genre, Carry K said she is ready to conquer the world with her first album. “I will be releasing my first album this year, I’m not sure when exactly but I have decided that it is high time I put my music out there,” she said.

Describing the meaning of her album title, Carry K said the name was inspired by all the trouble and tribulations she went through growing up as a young girl in the northern part of Namibia. She said her upbringing was no walk in the park as she was subjected to emotional and physical abuse by a few people while growing up.

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“It is about me rapping about my life, what happened to me and what was done to me, I am basically spitting my feelings. It was tough growing up and thinking about it makes me emotional at times, I am a very sensitive person,” she explained. It is her first major project, although she has a few releases out that music lovers could enjoy listening to.

Although her upbringing involved many emotional highs and lows, she said she is now ready to speak her truth through music to inspire and uplift those who have gone through the similar experiences.

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“There was a time I tried taking my own life and I failed, but I think I have passed that stage now and I am now ready to push my music to greater heights.”

Although she loves rapping, she said her dream is to always become a singer as she loved singing growing up. Carry K also earned a name for herself as a comic after she made a video roasting herself that went viral, and she never looked back since.

“I actually never imagined myself being a comic, people used to tell me how funny I am and I was always like ‘What do you mean?’ However, I think it is just a natural thing, I am naturally funny. I am just this crazy dark girl,” she added.

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Asked about where her inspiration comes from, she said she grew up listening to artists such as Exit and found herself singing along to a few of his songs on social media.

She said, “I actually used to lie that he is my brother at school and people would believe, the first time I met him I was about to faint, I didn’t know where to hold, how to stand and didn’t want to wash my T- shirt from there on” she said with a grin.

As to some of the challenges she faced as an upcoming female rapper in a male dominated industry, she said people always judge her by her physical appearance.

“Sometimes people look at me and wonder and when I open my mouth they go like ‘You speak English’ or ‘Is that you rapping?’ I get so mad. Getting to feature established artists also is another struggle, the person agrees to feature you and end up making me wait at the studio the entire day and one can’t even get angry all I can say is ‘Okay boss, tomorrow then.’”

She says she is working to regain her self-confidence as it was tarnished by those around her as she was growing up. “I am an independent artist and I am also not looking forward to being signed under any label. A few have approached me but they always come with a proposal to change how I look and how I dress.

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I want to be me,” she stressed.

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Although she is not signed under any record label, she mentioned that she had a few people to thank who have helped in her musical career, such as the artist named ‘Zoosh’.

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“I will forever be grateful to him for sponsoring my art, he is the realest. DJ Chronic produced my album and I cannot thank him enough too, although I think I annoy him at times, including Cassy J Jessica, who was the first comedian to call me and recognize my skills in making people laugh. It is a blessing to be able to put a smile on someone’s face and having the power to change their mood.”