Celebrating Diversity: A Recap of the /AE//GAMS Festival

By Martha Nangombe

The /AE//Gams Arts and Cultural Festival, a unique event that unites communities from diverse backgrounds, once again showcased its distinctiveness by celebrating diversity, creativity, and unity.

The annual event, established in 2001, kicked off the festivities with a captivating Poetry Night, where wordsmiths from across the country expressed their admiration for culture, creativity, and community through the power of spoken word.

According to City of Windhoek Spokesperson Harold Akwenye, this year’s turnout was remarkable as it showcased unity and the importance of preserving and promoting the Namibian heritage.

“The turnout at the /Ae/Gams festival was genuinely remarkable. Seeing so many people come together to celebrate our culture, support our traditional vendors, and enjoy the rich tapestry of poetry and music on display was heartening.

“The overwhelming attendance speaks volumes about the importance of preserving and promoting our heritage.

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