Celebrities mourn Tunakie

By Rosalia David

FOLLOWING the passing of the queen of Otyaka, Tunakie, real name Maria Tuna-Omukwathi Uushona, who died after collapsing at her hair salon in South Africa on Saturday, artists will be paying tribute to the icon with a show on Sunday at Zoo Park in Windhoek.
Musicians such as Maranatha, Jericho, D-Naff, Tequila, Berthold and many other artists are expected to grace the stage from 17h00 to 21h00.
Tunakie was instrumental in shaping the music genre Shambo. Commercially, her music career began in the early 2000s. The multi-award winning singer and queen of Shambo was also referred to as a Namibian traditional music artist.

Several local celebrities offered their condolences when news of her death broke.

Daphne Willibard (Oteya)

It has taken me three days to come to terms with the fact that you are no more. It is so shocking because not so long ago we had a chat.

Little did I know it was our last conversation?

Who am I to question God for his actions, only he knows why he took you from us. My sincere condolences to your family and friends, fans and especially to your daughter and twins.

Rest in power sis.

Lucy Kautwima (Lucy K)

Tunakie my love, my soul sister, I have no words to describe this pain, thank you for coming to say goodbye, I love you forever.

Alba Hamukwaya (DJ Alba)
The news of Tunakie caught me off guard, it is so sad and touching, her news just made me realise that we should appreciate and give people their flowers while still alive.

Arrafath Muhuure
It was a great honour to work with you.

Big Ben Kandukira
My condolences to the family, fans and friends for the loss of a fellow musician Tunakie ‘Meme Waakwana’. We will remember the music and person of Tuna.

We met long time ago in Windhoek West and got to share space and stages, RIP.

McHenry Venaani
Deeply touched and commiserate with our nation and the music fraternity on the demise of musician Tunakie. We were fond of each other. Her mellifluous voice shall always linger on in my ears.

Anne Singer
She is a life worth celebrating. Thank you for paving the way for us Tunakie. Fly high, may your soul transcend in peace.