CENORED targets better workplace safety

• By Confidente Reporter

CENORED chief executive officer Robert Kahimise has urged the health, safety and environment (HSE) representatives to work towards attaining zero injuries from individuals; departmental to organisational level as indicated in the corporate scorecard.

Speaking at the company HSE workshop that took place on Tuesday, Kahimise said the intention is not to discourage reporting of incidents or near misses but to rather encourage vigilance and a self-caring culture while executing the work.

“Forget your primary function and be around for the next four days and go back to your daily tasks with renewed commitment in HSE and let’s collectively earn and attain the highest NOSA rating. Yes businesses should be profitable to survive however businesses that don’t strike a fine balance between profitability, HSE, and wellness of its employees are not sustainable and won’t be here for long,” he added.


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