CEO claims S&T for being in multiple places at once

USAKOS chief executive officer (CEO), Ivin Lombard allegedly claimed Subsistence and Travel allowances (S&T) running into thousands for being in multiple places at the same time, a special audit into the affairs of Usakos municipality reveals.
The report which affirms that most of the trips undertaken by the CEO are not authorised by the management committee also bemoans that the CEO and staff members are paid a rate of N$286.00 upon returning from trips without any council resolution in this regard.
The audit seen by Confidente shows that suspicion has been raised on Lombard’s trips which show that on 28/07/2018 to 30/07/2018, he attended a meeting with the Anti-Corruption Commission in Walvis Bay and claimed for 412 kilometres and on 31/07/2018 to 01/08/2018 attended a meeting with the same commission in Swakopmund and claimed another 175 kilometres.

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