Charity organisation seeks help


THE Kwafela Oshiwana Foundation (KOF), a not for gain organisation for helping people who find themselves in unfortunate and difficult situations, is calling on good Samaritans to make donations to the organisation for it to continue with its operations of lending a helping hand. The foundation was constituted in June 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

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“When the Erongo region went on lockdown last year, a lot of people were under pressure and were suffering. Many of them could not travel out of the region and thus, we decided to organise ourselves and gather food and other items to send to people in the Erongo region for them to survive and that is how the foundation was started,” said Paulus Kronelius, the founder.

Since then, KOF has been helping out people and communities in need. The foundation sources donations from members of the public, traditional authorities, corporate entities and businesspeople through its representatives in different parts of the country.

“Our aim is to help out people who find themselves in tough situations especially due to natural causes like drought, fires and even floods,” Kronelius told Confidente this week. “We don’t want to see a fellow Namibian or human being suffering where assistance can be rendered. We want to help out where we can and that is the reason we want the Namibian nation to help us with anything they have, so that we can offer assistance to those in need,” he stated.

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During lockdown of last year, the foundation donated food and other items to communities of Erongo. It went on to donate food and other items to the communities of Epembe constituency of Oshikoto in October last year, following a veld fire that devastated the constituency.

The same month the foundation donated food to the Guinas constituency to benefit members of the San community who were reportedly starving. According to Kronelius, his organisation also donated food to marginalised communities of Khorixas.

Another major achievement for his foundation said Kronelius, is when they donated food and other items to the Angolan refugees camped at the Etunda irrigation project in the Omusati region.

“Last month we donated tons of food and other items to the brothers and sisters from Angola who are camped at Etunda. They were really suffering we thought it would be good if we assist them. We all know they crossed into Namibia because of hunger and hardship in their country and therefore we need to assist them”.