Charm in verses and rhymes, inspire lives!

• By Martha Nangombe

WITH the power to leave a mark on one’s perception, poetry is more than just an art or expression of one’s feelings transformed into lyrical scripture and verses but can be rhymes that are vague or straight to the point, very deep or light-hearted and comical.

This, according to Frankly Speaking Poetry Radio Show co-host, Nimrod Bowora was the case when an inmate from the Mariental Correctional Facility was inspired to change his life for the better after hearing poems on his show.

“I co-host the Frankly Speaking Poetry Radio Show and about two weeks ago, we got a letter from an inmate from a Correctional Facility in Mariental telling us how the radio show has motivated him to start writing poems and is turning his life around to be a better person.

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We usually get calls from people all over the country who have started writing poems because of the inspiration they get from the show,” Bowora said.

Bowora decrypted poetry as a way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings with the hope that the next person can relate and reflect on the rhymes.

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“Poetry is more than just written or spoken words, it is a lifestyle if not a religion, meant to create life out of words we normally take for granted. It has the power to impact on an individual level as well as a social level and it can change lives.

College of Arts student, Advocate Simasiku, told Confidente that his passion for poetry came as a way of expressing his emotions through writing.

“Poetry for me is expression of pain and regret. When I lost my parents, I lost the ability to feel or show love so when I write poetry, I get to feel pain that reminds me of my parents. I hope this pain stays with me because the emotions I feel when writing allows me to release my hurt and regret of things I wish I could have said or done with them before they died.

“We are in a generation where everyone is in tune with their emotions and I know there is someone out there who is going through the same things I went through and I know that they can relate to my words and find comfort in them,” Simasiku explained.

Sometimes long and winding yet on other occasion short and sweet, precise to a point, included in music, dance and many other form of artistic expression, verse and rhymes are a powerful tool that has a way of changing lives.