Chester forges his own path

By Rosalia David

AFTER departing from Mshasho Records over a year ago, Gideon Eiseb better known as Chester House Prince has proven that he is an unstoppable artist who has remained musically relevant throughout the year.

He has released banger after banger while currently signed under a local label named RTE Records.

Early this year, the Kwaito star released an EP titled ‘Le Vibe’ which consists of seven tracks.

On the EP, he worked with musicians such as DJ Xavi, Doza, Ezmo amongst many others.

“The EP was well received, since I have only been releasing singles for the past two years, I had to drop something. People love it, songs such as ‘I know’ are making noise,” Chester said in an interview with Confidente.

He also talked about his upcoming new projects and shared his experience on having to feature on a song where South African superstar AKA is also featured.

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“I am currently signed under RTE records and have a lot of projects lined up for this year but I cannot reveal them yet. It is not nice to put things out there before things are actually finalised, but we promise to give the best,” he said.

He said, having to feature on a song ‘Soek Soek’ where AKA is also on was a great opportunity for him and for the industry and proves that Namibian talent is capable of reaching miles across the continent.

“It was an eye opener for the industry as well and our music industry in general because our music playing in other countries means exposure for Namibian talent and I think it is about time that our music gets recognition outside as well,” he said.

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Apart from featuring on ‘Soek Soek’ Chester House Prince is no one hit wonder, he has released songs such as Sabi and Buyer and recently he dropped a song titled ‘I know’ featuring Azmo and Musketeers.

The ‘I know ‘song will surely have one humming to it all day after hearing it.
Chester’s singing career started as a backup dancer for King Tee Dee and later he branched out and started doing his own music.

In 2019, he left the Mshasho label after his contract was not renewed.

“My contract was not renewed and no one was saying anything so I left but I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given by Mshasho,” he said.