Chikune with a grateful heart

By Confidente Reporter

THE sky is the limit for award winning singer Chikune Leitner as she promises another banger and an EP following the release of her latest single titled ‘Omutima’ recently.

In a one-on-one interview with Confidente, Chikune revealed her future music plans and also gave an explanation on the inspiration behind the new song.

“Omutima is a gospel track and I decided to make it because I wanted to give thanks to God, my family and the community who played a role in my success especially those who played a vital role for me to graduate from medical school,” she said.

Omutima means ‘Heart’ in Otjiherero and the musician said that her heart belongs to God, family and those who have been supporting her music.

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Although her latest song carries a worthy message and is receiving positive reviews, she said the aim was to also inspire those who are on the verge of giving up on their dreams.

“I don’t have much to give back for all you have done for me but all I can offer is my heart and I didn’t make the song for clout, but I did it as a testimony. However, I believe it was well received, the views are still going up, but most importantly it has inspired many who have watched it to never give up on their dreams,” she added.

Now that Omutima is out of the way, Chikune will be releasing another single although no title has been given to the track yet. She said that she has been sitting on this particular song for three years and would like to release it soon.

“I think it is time to get it out. It is that feel good song from Chiku that everyone has been waiting for and my EP is almost finally out, and I’m excited,” she said.

Asked on how she juggles between being a wife, doctor and musician, Chikune said her faith keeps pushing her to greater heights.

“My faith is very important to me, it keeps me pushing, and of course my family and passion. I want my son to see me pushing for what makes me happy and at the same time I want him to learn that hard work pays off. I want him to learn that if his mommy could earn her degree and succeed in the creative world, then he should not be afraid to go after what makes him happy.”

On what inspires her music in general, Chikune mentioned her life and experiences as the two main inspirational factors saying that music allows her to express herself.

“I’m not a confident person but music allows me to express myself and be my desired confident self.

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Thank you for supporting me and for sharing my stories. Keep watching and stream my music there is more to come. Chiku loves you,” she said to her fans.

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Chikune further urged fellow musicians to not give up on their art due to the pandemic: “Keep pushing, don’t let people use the pandemic to exploit you, know your worth. Invest in your brand and use your social media to stay relevant. It is free”.