Chivas Regal x Zuriel collaborates with the House of Poulton

By Martha Nangombe

In a display of fashion and philanthropy, Chivas Regal and Zuriel by Luis Munana recently unveiled their latest collection in collaboration with the House of Poulton at an event in Windhoek.

The show aimed to raise funds for Melisa Poulton’s upcoming trip to Paris, spotlighting both innovative designs and the power of community support within the fashion industry.

Munana, the visionary behind Zuriel, partnered with the House of Poulton to create an unforgettable showcase. The event featured an auction of select pieces from the Chivas Regal x Zuriel collection, with all proceeds dedicated to funding Poulton’s participation in Paris Fashion Week. This initiative highlighted Munana’s commitment to supporting fellow creatives and aimed to elevate Poulton’s designs on a global stage.

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