City investigating Amukwelele

By Maria Kandjungu

INTERNAL investigations are underway at the City Police into the case of rape accused spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele to determine whether he will keep its position and to decide on his general employment status within the City’s enforcement arm.

City Police chief Abraham Kanime confirmed to Confidente this week that although Amukwelele is currently back at work, investigations are in motion to decide on his role in the department.

“This is a bit of a personal issue… all I can say is investigations are ongoing.

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For now (Cillie) Aula is here (as spokesperson). The investigations will determine what happens to him (Amukwelele).

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I cannot at the moment tell you when they will be completed. He is back at work as we speak,” Kanime stated.

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Amukwelele faces a rape charge after allegedly sexually assaulting a female colleague at his house in Windhoek’s Rocky Crest area on the morning of 11 January. The incident is said to have resulted in a pregnancy that has since been medically terminated after a court order was granted.

While the incident took place in January, the alleged victim only went to report the incident in March, saying that due to Amukwelele’s position, she feared that no one would believe her. After the case was reported it took the police about a month before they arrested Amukwelele.

The purported victim is said to have visited her personal doctor around 12 January, whom she informed about the incident, but at the time she allegedly told the physician she would not press charges because of the suspect’s public position.

Amukwele, who strongly denies the rape allegations, told the court during his bail hearing recently that he had “consensual sex” with the complainant that morning after she slept over at his place.

According to him, the complainant came to his place on 10 January upon his invitation. She, however, could not drive back home later at night and wanted Amukwelele, who was apparently too tired to drive her home.

On the morning of the said incident, Amukwelele said he woke up to the alleged victim in his bed kissing him before proceeding to reach for a condom, which he said she put on his manhood before they had sex.

He stated that although he did not in words ask her if she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him, he took it based on her behaviour and her initiation of a kiss that she wanted the sexual act to take place.

He maintained that he used a condom during the sexual encounter, but the condom broke and the complainant was worried thereafter that she might get pregnant.

He told the court at time that the reason the alleged victim was accusing him of rape is because she did not want to lose her job, which would happen if she got pregnant, since she was not appointed in a permanent position at the City of Windhoek. He further stated that the alleged victim was concerned about her standing in her church if she were to become pregnant.

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Amukwelele has since been released on bail of N$7 000 on condition that he may not contact his alleged victim, not interfere with investigations or state witnesses and may not comment on the matter on any social media platform, amongst others.