City under siege

THE deepening Swapo councillors’ dissension at the City of Windhoek is narcissistic and is playing into the hands of the opposition particularly at this critical juncture when we are heading into the regional and local government elections.

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The unabated looting and infighting clearly indicates that some of the current crop of Swapo councilors do not have the interests of the party at heart especially when they are supposed to throw their energies in order to consolidate the party’s stronghold in Windhoek.

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Latest revelations that the chairman of the Management Committee Moses Shikwa authorised an irregular payment of N$296 000 to senior superintendent Pahukeni Titus, as caretaking fees, for purportedly acting as Chief Executive Officer, are absurd and shocking.

The Windhoek City Management Committee is the very same arm that installed Titus as acting CEO at the beginning of May to decide the future role of City of Windhoek Abraham Kanime after substantive CEO, Robert Kahimise declined to convene the meeting, citing lack of urgency.

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It is not clear whether Titus was being rewarded with N$296 000 for convening, what was deemed illegal, or for acting as caretaker for one day but what is obviously irregular is the fact that such an amount of ratepayers’ money is not justifiable when Kahimise was the substantive CEO at the City since that illegal meeting.

Although Shikwa claimed that he was unaware that his stooge was advanced with N6 000, it is clear that this amount was not authorised by the substantive CEO, underlining the breach of accountability and disregard of the CEO.

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It is critical that the party addresses the anarchy and disregard for authority at the City of Windhoek because to authorise such irregular payment to a person that only acted for a day as CEO exacerbates the illegality of handpicking an individual to convene a meeting because the substantive CEO refused to abide by such an irregularity.

Kahimise was right to comply with the Covid-19 regulation to cancel all Council meetings at the time, but it is shocking to learn that councillors turned to their political muscle to use Titus, a junior official at the City of Windhoek, to defy the State of Emergency by calling for a council meeting contrary to Covid 19 regulations.

The doings of the Management Committee are clearly not aimed at consolidating the Swapo Party at the helm of the City of Windhoek especially after they sidelined the Windhoek Mayor, Fransina Kahungu, to be the deponent, on behalf of the Council in a High Court case that is challenging the reappointment of City Police Chief Abraham Kanime.

The shenanigans of the Management Committee ought to be nipped in the bud for good and do away with factions to allow Swapo councillors to focus on public service delivery and the campaign for the forthcoming November local and regional authority elections.

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