Comedian Pombili launches ‘Back to School tour’

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN comedian Martin Pombili is gearing up for his first comedy school tour titled ‘Back to School’, which is scheduled to kick off this Friday and run until 30 January. It is not every day that comedians give back to community but for the young and talented Pombili is going all out to surprise students with his overflowing and stinging sense of humour.

Through his self-funded school tour initiative, be assured that the soft spoken comedian is going to switch things up on the local entertainment scene this year.

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Expressing his excitement and enthusiasm for the tour, Pombili said learners can expect a day of laughter and exciting activities.

“I was trying to figure out how I’m going to give back to my fans and community at large and I thought to myself, why not come up with a school tour? As from that day on I put it into work, even without any financial assistance or sponsorship,” he explained.

His first appearance will be in the northern part of Namibia, starting at Onawa Secondary School.

“I m a product of Onawa Secondary school and I want to honour that by starting there. I believe that when one has a gift of being able to put a smile on someone’s face then make good use of it and that’s what I am passionate about,” he said.

After completing his visit to his former high school, he will cross over to Ruacana High School, followed by Canisianum High and Etosha High. He has plans to also grace the stage at three schools in the Ohangwena region although the selected schools have not been identified yet.

Although his mind is filled with plenty of ideas to visit schools this year, he said his finances are limited.

“I didn’t get any sponsorship yet, we need to bear in mind that this project is self-funded but as more schools come on board. LRC’s are welcome to contact me. So, with time, the rest of the school names will be revealed once they have confirmed everything, hopefully before I start because there are a few schools out there who are quite interested,” he added.

He mentioned that his tour will not only revolve around comedy but also deliver motivational speeches to motivate and inspire those who might have just needed a word of encouragement to start off the year on a good note.

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“I will definitely take ten minutes of academic motivation. I was very sharp in high school so I might as well just motivate those kids. They say, there is no better story teller than the one who has experienced it. I was once a high school student as well you know,” he smiled.

Asked whether he has included other comics on the tour, he said it’s a one-man show to allow him to massively grow his brand. “It is some sort of way of proving to myself that I am capable of building Martin Pombili into a huge brand in Namibia,” he said.

Martin was born in Okeeke in the Ogongo constituency of Omusati region and is a law student at the University of Namibia (UNAM)