Comedian Pombili making his way in the world

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN comedian Martin Pombili, whose passion for clowning started getting noticed in 2017 is surely becoming a household name amongst Namibian celebrities and the corporate world in general.

With a career that started from a simple funny video roasting local celebrities, which went viral after posting it on his social media pages, Pombili has definitely proven that ‘anything is possible’.

The 18 year old has managed to work his way up, beating the clock to becoming one of Namibia’s best-loved comedians to look out for.

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Martin, born in Okeeke in the Ogongo constituency of Omusati region, is a law student at the University of Namibia (UNAM) and has plans to become Namibia’s Trevor Noah.

Speaking to Confidente about his journey, Pombili said it has been an amazing voyage so far and is currently securing his bag through comedy.

“I actually started following Cassi Je Jessica doing comic videos and I realized that there is a demand and asked myself how do I come up with something unique and different?
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I then decided to go for roasting public figures rather. I kicked off with my first video, which went viral after Wamboesbelike posted it on their page.

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After gaining more followers than expected, Pombili never looked back, today he is signing corporate deals with big companies, such as Nictus and Genesis Wellness to promote their brands through his videos and social media channels.

Apart from clinching these deals, Pombili is also the brand ambassador for Lahlit clothing line and Devine Wear.

Asked about his future plans, Pombili said he intends to venture more into production and have his own television show on the national broadcaster and international platforms.

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“I want to change my course that I am currently doing so that I have enough time on my hands by next year so that I am able to also venture into other things such as production,” he said.

Although he is trying to inspire his peers to never give up on their dreams, it is not all rosy in the entertainment industry. He has to endure being mocked on a daily basis or confronted by certain individuals. “I change characters, sometimes I dress up like a woman and I would receive critiques but one thing I have learned is to not entertain negativity, to protect my energy and peace,” he smiled.

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