‘Community members, eyes and ears of Police’

HE Windhoek City Police, together with Namibian Police, have integrated an effective approach on policing which focuses on building relationships between the community and the police.

The police announced that it has moved away from the old way of policing, known as traditional polling.

Speaking at a recently held meeting at the Katutura East Constituency office, City Police Sergeant, Hileni Gabriel said “The police has moved away from traditional policing and intends to partner with communities by being their eyes and ears to fight crime.”

“We want our partnership with communities to be a 50/50 trust with the different stakeholders who have different roles to play”, Gabriel announced.

“We believe crime prevention is a shared responsibility and in order for us to prevent crime we need to work together as the police and the community,” she noted.

Namibia Police (NAMPOL), Khomas Regional spokesperson Warrant Officer, Silas Shipandani, said the community engagement was meant to help the police find grey areas where they can improve their efforts to curb crime.

“We have found that police officers do not treat members of the public with the dignity and respect they deserve which is why we have come to you so that we can have this conducive discussion,” he said at the event.

Shipandani said one of the biggest problems police face in its fight against crime is the high prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse within communities.

“Why do we drink alcohol when we cannot control ourselves,” he questioned.

Speaking to Confidente, Coalition on Drug and Substance Abuse Reduction (CORD) Chairperson, Joseph Mbako, said CORD was working with social workers in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) to provide services for people who need to be rehabilitated.

“CORD deals with food parcels and assists breastfeeding mothers with diapers. We are busy planning on engaging with the Ministry of Agriculture for poultry farming and gardening as a means of poverty eradication.

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We also want to engage church leaders to preach the gospel and counsel community members on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse,” he said.