Community upliftment festival at Ondjola set for December Embargo


This year, the Ondjola annual sports bash is set to take place from 23 to 26 December at Ondjola stadium under the tagline “preserving culture through sports.”

Every December since 2009, the community hosts the festival’s seasonal sports bash.

The Ondjola Annual Sports Bash is a nationwide non-profit initiative dedicated to youth recreational outdoor sports, attracting attendees from all 4 ‘O’ regions, Central and Erongo regions. With over 4,000 participants and spectators, this event has grown massively.

Locally bred citizens from Tsandi District in the Omusati region who form part of the executive committee are Page Kashikuka, Jack Iipinge, Kanu Kashikuka and Kriat Kamanya.

They are excited to welcome another fun field week, and they are sure that this festival adds value to the lives of residents of Tsandi district as they have also seen rising stars from the festival.

“One of the most important objectives of Ondjola sports bash is to encourage the youth to combat crime, anti-social behaviour and gender-based violence during the festive season,” says Jack Ipinge, the executive operations.

The Ondjola executive committee would like to acknowledge Namibmills as an associate partner and call on businesses and corporations to make it bigger and better in its 15th year.

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