Concerns over increase in Angolan underprivileged children in northern town

BY Nathanael Heita

MANY northern local towns are experiencing a rise in children between 8 and 15 selling stock products, hot sticks (Odibo), and cooking sticks (oluko).

Some sell traditional sticks that help men with erection problems.  Most of the time, when underprivileged children fail to make a sale, they beg around shopping malls for food and money.

These underprivileged children, in most cases both boys and girls, lack essential clothing and shoes. Not only is the presence of these underprivileged children raising concerns in northern towns, but also the presence of young mothers and pregnant girls who are in the same situation has raised alarm among residents.

These young mothers often walk in the sun with babies on their backs, endure the cold weather, and sleep under trees over a fire without blankets or proper food.

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