Confusion rocks NYC over top appointment

By Maria Kandjungu

THE National Youth Council (NYC) is currently sitting with two acting directors after the institution and the line ministry each appointed a candidate.

The two are NYC finance manager Elatfan Hamukoto appointed by the board of directors and Pankratuis Kavura seconded by the minister of Sports, Youth and National Service.

Confidente understands that the mishap was a result of miscommunication between the two entities on who should make an appointment after the contract for the previous acting director ended in June.

On Monday, to the surprise of NYC staff members, two people were introduced to them as acting directors in separate meetings. Hamukoto was introduced by NYC board chairperson Elzarian Katiti while Kavura was introduced by the manager of human capital on the same day, leaving staff confused on who is who.

“We do not know what is happening. We are all now just wondering who the real acting director is and what the role of the other one is. They are all here and no one came back to us to say, maybe there was a mistake,” one NYC employee said.

Line minister Agnes Tjongarero told Confidente that she made the secondment following a request by the board at one of their meetings.

“We had a meeting with the board where we told them that the Ministry of Finance said no positions should be filled because there is no money. They then requested us to second someone who is already employed in the ministry as the acting director since the term of the existing one was ending by end of June,” she stated.

She further explained that the secondment was supposed to be for three months at which point another person appointed by the board will take over for another three months and they will continue to rotate in the position till the time there is money to fill the position.

“So, I acted on that request and only after we have sent someone to them, they sent us a written communication that they have also appointed someone. But if they knew they had someone and they were prepared to appoint in accordance to the Act that they are citing to us, then why did they ask us for a secondment?” the minster questioned.

Katiti denied allegations of  a tussle between the ministry and the youth entity emphasising that the issues are just a miscommunication that they are busy trying to sort out.

“It was really just miscommunication with the ministry… we are busy trying to resolve it. We are busy trying to restructure the institution and we are in the process of bringing in a new leadership so that was a mistake that will be solved by next week when we have a meeting with the minister. I think for now it is just to reassure the staff members and everyone that it’s not a fight or disagreement, it’s a mistake that is being resolved,” Katiti said.