Correctional officers donate goods to help the needy

By Confidente Reporter

THE Lucius S. Mahoto Correctional Service Training College in Omaruru recently donated bed sheets to the Omaruru Regional Council, sanitary pads to Otjiperongo Junior Secondary School as well as Martin Luther High School and build a public toilet in the area of Hakahana suburb of that town.

The correctional officers donated bed sheets to the value of N 030 and 140 packs of sanitary pads to the value of N 100.

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Speaking at the handover ceremony in that town, Commissioner-General Raphael Hamunyela said it has been a culture in the Namibian Correctional Service to annually contribute towards the development of society through goodwill activities.

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He added that the funds were donated by correctional officers and sometimes through the involvement of offenders.

“Since 2015 when the goodwill activity was launched here in Omaruru, the Namibian Correctional Service undertook several activities that benefited the needy in our societies around the country.

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Amongst others, we erected shelters, donated goods such as bedding, clothing and household appliances,” Hamunyela said.

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He also pointed out that they cleaned and renovated several places around the country. In Five Rand location in Omaruru in 2016 the officers erected a shack dwelling for a mother and her two children living in poor conditions.

Hamunyela said the staff of the college managed to collect funds among themselves totaling N$11 231 and also received sponsorship to the tune of N$3 500 from Bank Windhoek and from Fridhla Investements CC bricks with a value of N$1 000. The officers further collected N$500 from Standard Bank and bricks from PAPA Jossy Investments CC with a value of N$1 000.

He further mentioned that the land upon which the toilet is build was donated by Omaruru Municipality and offenders managed to construct the two-door public toilet.

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“Our goodwill activity is based on our strong belief that the community is our main stakeholder and partner in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. We hence show our appreciation through these goodwill activities to the community,” Hamunyela noted.
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