Corrupt cops and foreign drug dealers irk Katutura East Constituency


CORRUPT police officers are alleged to be colluding with Congolese, Angolan and Zimbabwean drug lords, targeting young girls between the age of 17-25  as traffickers, to run their operation in Katutura impunity.

Katutura East Constituency, Councillor Richard Goaseb, told Confidente that at times it is difficult to have drug dealers arrested due yo police corruption.

“Some police officers who are tasked with policing the prohibition of illicit drugs are rotten to the extent that they are on the payroll of the drug dealers.

“It becomes evident that the police are on the drug dealers payroll and
are involved in the syndicate once the police come into the neighbourhood and raid a drug dealers house but, find nothing,” he said.

The mushrooming drug dealing, mainly targeting young girls between the age of 17-25 girls as traffickers by Congolese, Angolan and Zimbabwean nationals have prompted the Katutura community in Wamboe location to embark on an anti-drug awareness campaign.

The Katutura East Constituency office, concerned members of the public, the Namibian Police and
the Katutura East Neighbourhood watch, will host an Anti-Drug Campaign in Mika Shimbuli street near the playground to help wipe out drug trafficking in Katutura on the September 24.

The campaign aims to create awareness to young men and women on the issue of drug and substance abuse in order to stamp out drug abuse in Katutura.

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“We will do this thing as one people.

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Not as the councillors office alone but as people of Katutura East,” he said.

He attributed the dramatic rise of suicide and crime rates in the neighbourhood to drug abuse.

“Drug dealers are increasingly targeting vulnerable youth as drug trade continues to change psychological mindset,” he added.