Councillor Katjaimo is a liar

By Confidente Reporter

RIKUU Kavaka, the group spokesperson for the people who were meant to travel to the Commonwealth Games as organised by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) councillor, Vezemba Rodman Katjaimo said a case of fraud had been opened against the councillor.

Kavaka said Katjaimo had resorted to blackmailing and lying to them whenever they approached with questions as to when he would payback their money.

“Two weeks ago, Katjaimo travelled to South africa for a meeting with Qatar Airways where we understand he was given close to N$ 3 million which was sent to his account but we have not received our money yet.

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He has gone to the extent of blocking me on WhatsApp and every time I call him, he asks what I want. He told us if we open a case against him, we will never see a dollar from him.

Why is he blackmailing us?” she quarried.

Kavaka questioned why the PDM reinstated the unpopular councillor knowing fully well he had not paid back people’s money.

“Why is he back at work? Is it because he is related to the PDM president McHenry Venani? We gave him a lot of money and he took advantage of our kindness because we gave him time to sort this mess out but while he is living a luxurious life, we are suffering and failing to make ends meat, yet he has our money. About 198 people paid N$ 1000 each for tracksuits but not everyone got the tracksuits. He has to refund those who did not get them.

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I paid N$ 65 000 for the trip and N$ 12 000 pocket money but he has only reimbursed N$ 15 000 and has the audacity to tell me, he owes me N$ 4 500.

He is a crook and a liar,” she said.