Councillors clash at Otjiwarongo

• By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

TWO councillors of Otjiwarongo Town Council are at loggerheads after discussions during a management committee meeting in the council chambers led to a heated exchange of words last October.

Recently re-elected chairperson of the management committee and former employee of the municipality, Swapo councillor Hoko Godhard, allegedly called Independent Patriot for Change councillor and committee member Fearika Botha a racist after she allegedly referred to him as dictator.

However Botha who was sworn in as a councillor last year September after the passing of the IPC representative in July said there was an exchange of words and Godhard repeatedly called her a ‘racist white woman’ after she asked to be excused from the  chambers to avoid conflict after a debate between Godhard and herself got heated.



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