Countries with verified plans to open borders


Benin – International airports are open, with mandatory Covid-19 testing on arrival at traveller’s expense (US$165); travellers must self-isolate for 48 hours until the results are received. In the instance of a positive COVID-19 test, the traveller will undergo a government-mandated 14-day quarantine. All travellers will be tested again after 15 days. Land borders are closed to tourists.

Egypt – Borders are open; mandatory temperature checks and 7-day self-isolation upon arrival. Electronic visas are currently being granted.

Ethiopia – Land borders are closed but international airports are open. Arriving passengers must undergo COVID screening and a 7-day quarantine at traveler’s expense.

Kenya – International airports are open for visitors. Arriving passengers must undergo COVID screening and bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered within 7 days of their arrival in Kenya. Any travellers displaying symptoms of COVID during their health screening, or anyone seated on the airplane within two rows of symptomatic passengers, may be subject to quarantine.

Rwanda – Airports are open for tourist arrivals. Travellers must submit negative PCR Covid-19 test results within 72 hours of departure for Rwanda but before departing their home country. A second test will be administered on arrival, at a cost of approximately US$50 to the traveller. Test results will be delivered within 8 hours, and travelers may not leave their hotel rooms while awaiting results. If a traveller arrives without a previous test result, two tests will be administered on arrival, 48 hours apart, and travelers may not leave their hotel rooms during this time. Positive test results will require quarantine in government-approved facilities. An additional test will be required before departure.

Tanzania – Airports and borders are open; mandatory Health Surveillance Form and Covid-19 screening upon arrival. No standardised self-quarantine procedures.


Antigua & Barbuda – The international airport is open for tourist arrivals. Passengers must show proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 7 days prior to departing on their trip. Testing may also be required at the airport or the traveler’s hotel. Additional monitoring may occur during the first 14 days of a traveller’s stay in the country. Face masks are required in public.

Bahamas – Travellers are once again allowed to come to the Bahamas, but all arriving visitors must quarantine in a government facility for their first 14 days in the country.

Belize – The international airport will reopen on August 15, 2020. Travellers will be required to show negative PCR test results issued within 72 hours of departure from home, or to take a rapid test on arrival at their own cost. Anyone testing positive to the rapid test will be required to quarantine in a government-approved facility at their own cost. All travellers also must download The Belize Health App for check-ins with the Belize Ministry of Health and for contact tracing purposes.

Brazil – International airports are now open, as of July 30, 2020, although land borders and seaports are still closed. Visitors are required to hold health insurance that will cover them while traveling in Brazil. So far, no testing requirements have been announced.

Colombia – Planning to open its borders on September 1 2020; policies for testing and/or quarantine still pending.

Cuba – Has announced the resumption of international flights by August 1, yet plans to confine visitors to all-inclusive hotels on island keys without any local Cubans. Visitors will be tested for Covid-19 immediately on arrival, and those who test positive will be “isolated,” presumably in specific quarantine facilities or by returning home. It is still unclear whether this model of travel will be permitted by the US consistent with any of the allowable categories of travel to Cuba.

Dominica – Opens to all travellers on August 7. Visitors must document a negative Covid-19 test result 24-72 hours before travelling and register online 24 hours before arrival. Officials will conduct health screening and rapid testing on arrival. Anyone who shows symptoms or tests negative must go to an official quarantine location.

Ecuador – Borders are open as of June 1. All visitors are required to have a PCR Covid-19 test done within the 7 days before their arrival. Travellers must either undergo a 14-day quarantine on arrival, or show proof of “safe passage” managed by our ground operator in Ecuador.

Galapagos Islands – Opened to visitors on July 1st. The islands will follow the same testing, transportation, and quarantine protocols as mainland Ecuador.

Mexico – International airports are accepting travellers. Visitors may be subject to health screenings, and travellers exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms may be subject to testing and/or quarantine. However, land borders are closed for tourism.


Cambodia – New tourist visas are not being issued, but those with visas already issued may travel under strict requirements.