Covid-19 solidarity with Madagascar crucial

By Ben Karamata

The Republic of Namibia, is hereby urged to express Pan African solidarity, with the Malagasy Republic, first for its innovative discovery of herbal- medicinal- concoction, to not only contain but to effectively treat  and cure the Covid-19 virus, according to the President of Madagascar. Not only that, but 37 African States, members of the African Union are in full support of  Madagascar’s initiative, of which they already received deliveries of the herbal remedies.

As expected, the White World of Europe is up in arms discrediting the scientific rationale of Madagascar’s claim of the efficacy of the herb to cure Covid-19 patients, for which there are living persons cured to serve as evidence of the effectiveness of the herb.

The WHO initial response was to invalidate the scientific evidence of the herb, calling for clinical trials of the herb but then this is not a vaccine with toxins, but a herb containing natural properties that already have had clinical observations.

It is amazing to witness African solidarity, pouring into Madagascar including my own, from Africans across the continent from all walks of life including leading intellectuals, scientists, scholars and many more.

This is the moment in history were Africans will have to pull in one direction, that of African unity. The European countries are at work as usual to undermine and discredit Madagascar’s President and his country, for this noble and novice herbal medicinal- technological innovation that caught the scientific imagination of the world to have come from Africa.

It is this gift that Africa has to give to the World, that all Africa must bend together to make it happen and Namibia must be at the forefront of Pan African solidarity with Madagascar,  joining the chorus of the 37 African States. It is highly recommended that Namibia send a delegation to Madagascar for exploratory bilateral visit or conduct a Teleconference Summit to express our African pride with our brothers and sisters in Madagascar.

Ben Karamata is a Social Scientist/Diplomat/International Law Adherent.  Aluta!