Covid and prostitution – How the world’s oldest profession took a hit


MIRJAM Hamukwaya sits outside her shack. She is busy plaiting the hair of a client this Friday afternoon. The client, a high school pupil, will pay her N$80 for her services.

“That was nothing to her in the past. She could earn ten times more that in a single night in the past with her previous job. But it’s good money to her now,” said John Ndilimani, Hamukwaya’s neighbour in Oshipwatapwata location of Helao Nafidi town in Ohangwena region.

Dressed in a bright red dress and sporting dreadlocks, Hamukwaya said she had no trouble discussing her previous job with Confidente, provided her true identity is hidden and that she is not photographed. After finishing working on her client’s hair, Confidente sat down with her.


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