CoW impasse continues

…IPC proposal receives mixed feelings

• BY Erasmus Shalihaxwe

THE proposal by Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) to have proportional representation which will allow all political parties involved in the City of Windhoek (CoW) local authority council represented in leadership positions has received mixed feelings from other parties.

This week, IPC National General Secretary, Christine /Aochamus penned a letter to all political parties that form part of the city council saying that having observed the latest council meetings, which were intended to elect office bearers and the subsequent failure to do so, the leadership of the IPC proposes a possible solution to address the deadlock at CoW council.

She said consensus politics is vital for the prosperity and progress of CoW and it is IPC conviction that by working together towards shared goals, rather than engaging in divisive battles, the parties can achieve far more for the residents of Windhoek.

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“Thus, IPC advocate for the implementation of proportional representation in the decision-making body of CoW. The proposal would ensure that each political party that has been empowered by the electorate is represented in the Management Committee, the highest decision-making body in council.

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“With the Mayoral positions already filled by Swapo and Nudo, we propose that the remaining five positions on the Management Committee be divided among all parties represented on the council (LPM, IPC, Swapo, AR, and PDM), with each party delegating one representative.

This will allow all parties to have a voice in the decision-making process at the same time, respecting the choices of the voters.

Should this proposal be approved by all, we would elect the chairperson of Management Committee through a lot and agree on a rotational period collectively,” /Aochamus.