Creatives on a mission to connect Africa

By Rosalia David

TWO young foreign artists Aušrinė Pudzevyte and Star Hakuna are currently in Namibia shooting music videos and directing photo shoots for free for those who are unable to afford while trying to build a client base.
Aušrinė better known as Ocean is a 23-year-old muralist, painter and illustrator from Lithuania while Star is a 26-year-old professional photographer and filmmaker from Zimbabwe.
In an interview with Confidente, the two said they have been travelling to different African countries and have worked with various artists around the continent.

So far, in Namibia, they have worked with popular model Dennis Hendriks, film director Fellemon Ndongo and make-up artist and model Prisca Anyolo.
“Aušrinė has been traveling around the world since she graduated from school.

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Her curiosity for the world, unity, feelings and simply connections took her to more than 18 countries in the world where in most of them she left her art in the form of murals, illustrations, paintings and even animation,” Star said.

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Meanwhile Star is passionate about any type of visuals and mostly working on music videos, short movies, adverts and other creativity involving projects.
“I believe that a story can be told through the lenses, that’s why I joined the art journey where I always find something new, exciting and unforgettable.

I have an eye for overlooked detail, a passion for letting images tell their story,” he said.

Asked on the impact they want to bring to the Namibian arts and entertainment industry, the two agreed that it was to basically show people that everything is possible, no matter where they come from or what other people say.
“We both know that everything is achievable as long as you are full of passion, will power and never stop growing.

No matter where you are, everything is possible if you put your mind to it. We are simply trying to inspire everyone on our journey. Inspire them to become who they want to be, inspire them to add some creativity to their lives, inspire them to be happy without reason,” Aušrinė said.
She added that, without highlighting Namibia only, their aim is to connect countries with successful collaborations on films, videos and many other projects.