Crickets ravage crops in northern regions

By Allexer Namundjebo

NORTHERN Communal farmers have voiced concerns over swarms of corn crickets ruining their crops.

Swarms of corn crickets are said to have destroyed crops in the Eengodi Constituency, causing concern among farmers.

A community farmer who chose to remain anonymous said they are losing optimism that they would produce enough mahangu this year.  “The crickets are severely ruining our crops. We are already concerned about the lack of rain and the impending drought, and then we are affected by the cricket tragedy,” he said.

The farmer said they used to gather crickets in an attempt to prevent future spread, but their efforts appeared to be ineffective.

“We collect some of the crickets because they are harmless, but our efforts appear ineffective because they are spreading from field to field,” he said.

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Apart from the crickets, farmers are also concerned about a lack of rainfall.

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