Crypto scammer vanishes

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

A 40 year old woman, who could only be identified as Irene, became the victim of a Bitcoin scam on Monday, 14 November when she learned that Foibe Joseph who was claiming to be a seasoned investment manager was merely posing and impersonating a Bitcoin investor.

According to Irene, she was first got in contact Joseph on Facebook where she noticed Joseph was trader and started having frequent communication with Joseph.

“I told her what she was doing was inspiring as she seemed to be really helping people out. Joseph then told me that I could start trading. We exchanged numbers and the conversation continued on WhatsApp.

“Joseph told me I could use her trading robot as well as her trading wallet. A trading wallet is where the money is kept whereas the trading robot is the software used for trading,” Irene explained.

Furthermore, Irene alleges that Joseph had made the impression that this was a legitimate investment and no money would be lost.

“Joseph told me that if I make an investment worth N$ 10 000, the profit will be N$ 59 000 whereas an investment of N$15 000 will mature to N$ 89 500 and that of N$45 000 would total to N$246 500,

“I became interested in investing and decided to start with an amount of N$ 10 000 than moved to N$15 000 and finally N$45 000 or N$ 246 000 and maybe save up to buy a house,”

Irene claimed to have send Joseph an e-wallet of N$ 5000 on the 14 October this year.

“I sent her an e-wallet of N$ 5000, I told her that I will send the remaining amount of N00 after midnight as I had reached my limit.

Joseph said this would not be a problem and suggested that I send her N$4600 instead. I sent the money the following morning of October 15.

Irene told Confidente that after having made the investment she waited for the 30 day period to lapse.

Moreover on November 14, sometime between 14H00 and 16H00 in the afternoon, Joseph reached out asking Irene when was, her pay-out supposed to be due.

“I told Joseph that the 30 days pay-out was supposed to have been the previous day (November 13), which was a Sunday and the 31 day payment was to be paid on the following Monday,

“She asked me why I did not let her know as I could have been getting my profit earlier, on the Sunday. I had expected her to upload our investor ID’s especially for those who were supposed to get paid on November 13 but she did not upload anything.”

Irene said she particularly found this to be strange as Joseph used to upload content related to Bitcoin on her social media which included the investment ideas and investor ID’s.

“On November 17, I was shocked to find out that she had deleted everything on her account related to Bitcoin and blocked me on both WhatsApp and Facebook. Her cell phone numbers have been off. All I want is my money back and for the public to know that there are con-artist out there who make come off as legit investors but are not.”

Irene added that Joseph is the mastermind and works with the following partners, Moses Hangula and Selma Nepembe.