Curtiz IV out to conquer local music scene

• By Martha Nangombe

THE burning desire to create beautiful unique music is the fire that burns through the veins of many upcoming musicians.

And for Curtiz IV, a Transport Management student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), who prefers to remain  anonymous  and hides his face behind a mask is no exception.

Even though he is new on the block, Curtiz IV has a burning desire to conquer the music industry which propelled the young artist spend time to an end in the studio where he has just finished his much awaited mixtape tilted, The Come Up, which is expected to drop today (Friday).

The 10 piece masterpiece features collaborations with regional artistes namely Bruno The Goat a talented upcoming rapper from Mozambique, Tony Jones, Prvis3 and Ayon all from South Africa, as well as local rappers, Mr Diamonds and Drillo Savage.

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The young rapper said he found his love for music at a young age when he would always sing traditional songs with his grandmother. His style of hip hop incorporates an energetic Afrobeat sound destined to conquer not only Namibia but also the continent.

“Growing up in the Katope village in Kavango West, I never had toys.
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My dad bought me a radio and it became m my best friend.
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I would listen to music whenever I felt bored since I could not play with my age mates or the older guys because they often enjoyed bullying me. To this, I became an introvert and spent most of my time alone singing and developing my talent,” he said

Curtiz IV’s mixtape consists of 10 tracks which speaks on the subject of being raised in a culture which looks down on those pursuing a musical career.

The young rapper is determined to prove to his community and the rest of the world that he is unquestionably a natural superstar.

“My grandmother loved singing, so she would make me sing along to our traditional music. Not knowing all this was nurturing my love for music to the point I would want to take it as a career. My plan is to become a certified musician who will be dominating the local charts by 2025.

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The Nust student said he was determined to become the most educated rapper and was working hard to obtain his Transport Management degree.