Cut the excuses and get to work – Kapuka

By Rosalia David

AUTHOR, motivational speaker and former radio personality Otto Kapuka who has released his third inspirational book titled ‘One Brick, Builder’s Wisdom’ and has urged aspiring writers to cut the excuses and get to work while pointing out that the country is yearning for local content.

In an interview with Confidente regarding his latest offering, Kapuka stated that in most instances, aspiring authors sit with their written stories waiting for funding instead of finding other means of getting their books published.

“It’s a beautiful journey to be an author.

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The country is yearning for local content which is collecting dust on our computers. Cut the excuses and get to work, dust it and do all you can to make sure that the work is done. Sometimes we cry for assistance when we don’t have anything in our hands. There are people who are willing to help but if you don’t have anything and not asking for help, they will not know,” he said.

He went on to say that all it takes to get funding is to make sure that the work is up to standard and professionally done adding that budding authors can further seek for advice from those who have been in the publishing industry for longer than them.

“Instead of crying that you don’t have money to publish, save up and make sure that your dream becomes a reality.”

Kapuka said, ‘One Brick, Builder’s Wisdom’ is a continuation of the first two books he has written ‘Unleashing’ and ‘Honouring Your Invisible Contract’.

He said the book also looks at different life issues that humans are battling with and how they can resolve them using the analogy of a builder’s wisdom.

“The builder perspective is an ideal analogy to use as it provides us with much-needed wisdom to understand certain things regarding our lives and how they will unfold. If we keep on comparing our lives to others without taking responsibility, we neglect the most important building in life that is supposed to provide everything we need in life.”

Kapuka further mentioned that his third book intends to help readers understand that in order to build dreams and achieve goals in life, they need to do it ‘one brick at a time’.

Asked on what inspired the title of the book, the seasoned author said the inspiration came from challenging himself to release a book every year to mark each important life milestone.

“The book was inspired by the fact that I challenged myself to publish a book each and every 15th May of every year, which happens to be my birth date. But, unfortunately this book was published only in November 2020 due to the pandemic.”

He added that another element that fuelled his inspiration is the responsibility to continue encouraging the culture of reading in the community.

Kapuka added that his motto has always been to inspire others that ‘it can be done and nothing is impossible if one truly believes in what they do’.

“My inspiration for writing comes from the challenges I set before myself and the responsibility I have towards those who follow me and read my books to keep the reading culture, gain wisdom and upgrade their lives and achieve their dreams,” he added.

Through his third book, Kapuka said he hopes to inspire and motivate readers to finally pursue their dreams with one step at a time.

“I hope the inspiration goes beyond just reading and not doing anything in the process. I hope readers understand the role they have to play and making sure that the country is developing and becoming a beautiful place for its citizens,” he said.