D-Son Ventures into music with exciting new single release

Iipinge Martin, a kwaito musician known by his stage name D-son, has announced his debut single release on the 28th.
D-son, a business management student at Unam, has also shared his journey of entering the music industry.
When he joined the music industry, D-son said he had been enthusiastic about music since he was young.
“I started my singing career at school, at Omuthiya Iipundi Secondary School as an SCM member and at Nehale SS as an SCM member. I then started performing songs that I composed at local events,” D-son said.

“I was inspired by local musicians such as Gazza, Tate Buti, King Tee Dee D-Kanjafa and K-dio. Their music has inspired me to ventures into the music industry. My music is more Kwaito as it is a fast-growing genre and the most popular, so I chose the genre because it speaks to my roots and reflects the culture and experiences of the Southern African youth” he said.
D-son has highlighted the challenges of keeping up his music career and balancing his education.
“I am currently recording my songs on a low budget, but I am working on building relationships with other artists and producers who can help me create high-quality music.
“As for financial assistance, I have been fortunate enough to receive some support from family members and friends who believe in my talent,” D-son added.

“On the other hand, it is also not easy to balance schoolwork and music, but I am managing. I prioritise my studies first and make sure I complete my assignments on time. When it comes to music, I try to stay focus on my goals and do not let destructions get in the way. Music is a therapy, and I am determined to produce good and quality music,” he said.
D-son revealed that he will release his first debut song, Eendjembo, on the 28th, followed by an album in October. “I have eight songs that were recorded but not released. I featured Markus Haufiku on Ondjila, a song that was released last year. The Eendjembo means that we upcoming artists are also making good impacts in the industry (our guns are also shooting),” he said.
D-son further said he is looking to partner to take his career far. “I am currently independent, and I have not signed any contract with any brand, so I am willing to, and I look forward to signing one with a brand that will assist me,” he added.