Damara Dik Ding on Damaloki

• By Rosalia David

ARTHUR /Nanub known as Damara Dik Ding, one third of the award winning kwaito outfit previously known as the Matongo Family, has returned to the scene with renewed zeal in a deliberate quest to bring the best out of his music.

Speaking to Confidente this week about his 10-track album which was released yesterday titled ‘Damaloki’ the artist says his recent project aims at encouraging locals to continue supporting their own.

‘Musically, the project encourages us to buy, grow, eat, invest and promote Namibia. We need to be ourselves and invest in ourselves. It doesn’t make sense to consume 70 percent foreign of everything and expect development. That’s called an identity crisis. So, basically Namibia inspired the album,” he explained.

The long anticipated project ‘Damaloki’ was initially planned to hit the airwaves before Covid-19 existed but the date of release was then moved to this year.

Primarily /Nanub said the plan was to release the album accompanied by a music video however things did not go as planned.

Queried on his short break from music, the musician said he was going through a few personal battles while refusing to dwell on the details only maintaining that he had been uninspired.

“I think personal battles we all go through, getting lost in yourself, losing yourself amongst others. I have been doing this since I was 19 and honestly I just wasn’t inspired,” he said.


On this latest album, he worked with Imms, Thembizo, Sour D, Wojtek Mejewski, Ricardo Goagoseb, Berto Waterboer, Blade and producer Elvo.

The Windhoek native has been an active musician since 1999 and developed skills in songwriting, producing and singing with the ability to play the piano and keyboard. His career started with the Matongo Family – a group he started with Strauss ‘Mr Makoya’ Lunyangwe and Themba Matongo.

Together the trio bagged awards as the pioneering Namibian kwaito outfit. The artist then went solo in 2007 as Damara Dik Ding.

The trio further regrouped in 2016, a decade after their split promising to deliver a revamped and revitalised version of the original Matongo brand – popularly referred to as ‘Matongoness’.

Asked on what other projects he is currently working on, /Nanub said he will be promoting the album and soon kick off his social responsibility campaign.

“I am very excited about that cause.

Now I can use my music for what it was really meant for. I will be visiting a few towns in the country as well alongside Anthony Williams aka Ou Billem to see how we can do more with less,” he noted.