De Beers contributes N$15 m to Covid-19 response

By Confidente Reporter

DE BEERS Group has contributed N$15 million to aid government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis. The contribution will provide urgently needed logistical, supply and community support according to the company CEO Bruce Cleaver.

Cleaver said, “With our contribution of N$15 million, De Beers is proud to play its part in supporting Namibia through this crisis. We will help government, healthcare professionals, community leaders and all those on the frontline to prepare for the crisis and mount an effective emergency response.  We will be by Namibia’s side at every step of the response and will be its partner in recovery.”

In order to provide the most effective and relevant support to communities, De Beers Group has also designed a Community Response Plan (CRP) to guide site teams around the world on the initiatives that should be undertaken to support host communities.

He said the CRP has been developed by engaging with communities, traditional and faith leaders as well as government agencies to understand the identified needs and ensure they provide the right support at the right time, both during the pandemic and into the vital economic recovery phase.

De Beers Group’s contribution to Namibia forms part of a larger effort across its four producing countries including Botswana, Canada and South Africa to support governments and communities in the procurement of medical supplies, logistical support, vulnerability assessment support plans, food security for vulnerable households, water supply to communities, community awareness and as well as education, local clinical support.

He said De Beers Group will continue to engage regularly with government and community leaders to provide all the support it can.

De Beers conduct marine-based diamond recovery around 120m to 140m below sea level in the Atlantic Ocean off the Namibian coast. They operate a fleet of six motor vessels, capable of retrieving, and exploring, diamond-bearing materials from the seabed and processing them to a diamond-rich concentrate.