Deadly Ground reunites old school rappers

By Rosalia David 

JUST when we thought Namibian old school rappers have fallen off the grid and reviving them would be almost impossible, Fidel Nambundunga launches ‘Deadly ground’ a project aimed at resuscitating the hip hop industry. 
In an interview with Confidente, Nambundunga who is the founder of the ‘Deadly ground’ project said the plan is to get all old school rappers to freestyle on one beat with each only getting eight bars. 
“I decided to bring together most rappers that started music way back with the aim of reviving them or the industry itself and to take care of each other including making money together,” he said. 
He went on to say that it is about time that the old favourites give the fans new music that they have been longing for. 
According to Nambundunga, about 20 rappers will feature on the same beat divided in two groups split as Volume one and Volume two. 
Volume one is adorned by artists such as Jericho, Bigg Catt, Tesh, Lil Mic, Zanele, Keni, D Jay, Cientista, Chipolopolo and Kanibal, while volume two has artists such as Wambuseun, Epanda Rizzy, Dice, The Kalaharians, Reyne, Berthold and many others. 
“They will all feature on one beat and then we can release the songs after that. We have worked with producer Hozei who did the entire production while I also assisted with the arrangements,” he added. 
He went on to say that the songs will be released on 10 June on all media platforms and on hardcopies as well. 
“We want to prove that people do buy hardcopies after all and this is the time to support local musicians. We are targeting to print 1 000 CDs and if all copies finish we will not be printing anymore. We urge everyone to get their copies once available. It is a limited edition,” he said. 
Asked on what inspired him in creating ‘Deadly ground’, Nambundunga said he believes that the old school rappers are able to reunite and release music together. 
“The industry is small and there were a few who had beef with each other and seeing them on a project together is reviving. There are people who have given up on music because of certain challenges and I just want to prove a point that getting back in the studio is possible and implant back their confidence,” he said. 
The upcoming ‘Deadly ground’ CD will consist of three tracks, an acapella version of the song, the clean version of the song and the raw form.