Death care industry was overwhelmed

• By Confidente Reporter

AT the height of the Covid-19 death toll which was characterised by a deadly third wave, undertakers imported coffins to the value of N$34 million which depicts that the death care industry was overwhelmed.

Data from Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) which acknowledges that coffins were one of the most imported products shows that the average import value of coffins stood at N.

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6 million monthly with the largest import figure of N$8 million (23.8 percent) reflected in August 2021 while the lowest figure of less than N$1 million was recorded in September 2020.

The N million import figure reflected in August 2021 shows an increase of 15.

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8 percent from the N$6.9 million recorded in July 2021.

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The largest increase of 244 percent was recorded between June 2021 and July 2021 when Covid-19 deaths spiked.

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause disruptions in many sectors of the economy.

With so many deaths reported by the Ministry of Health and Social Services as a result of the coronavirus, funeral undertakers experienced a lot of pressure in terms of high demand of services they offer including the supply of coffins.

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