Debmarine, MoHSS band to fight suicide

• By Martha Nangombe

WITH the increase of suicide related deaths in the country, Debmarine Namibia and the Ministry of Health and Social Services last week held a National Suicide Prevention Campaign to help fight, equip and inform citizens on how best to handle suicidal relatives.

Launched in 2011, the campaign was this year held under the theme, ‘Creating hope through action,’ and encouraged people to take positive action towards suicidal people.

Debmarine Namibia wellness manager Elsabe Grotzinger, told Confidente they have been part of the national suicide prevention campaign since 2011 when they banded with the Ministry of Health.

She said they aim to improve self-esteem in children and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge on how best to deal with bullying and other triggers that might lead to suicide.

“Every day there is a suicide case in Namibia and we took it upon ourselves to try and create awareness and educate the people about the red flags to look out for when dealing with suicidal people”.

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“This year saw us teaming up with Geluk, an organisation which specialises in psychological services. to help people with information on the importance of taking mental health seriously,” Grotzinger said.

Geluk Marketing Strategist, Hilma Rijatua explained the importance of being mindful of social issues that people go through and deal with them before they manifest as prevention is better than cure.

“Geluk is a service provider that deals with psych education, assessments and community service. We want to be able to share awareness and to assist people with their mental health,” Rijatua remarked.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the country’s suicide rate between January 2021 and May this year stood at 679, comprising 559 men, 91 women, and 29 children.

While 18 teenage boys and 11 teenage girls took their lives in that period.