Desert Jewels without a coach

By Michael Uugwanga

THE country’s senior women netball team, nicknamed the Debmarine Desert Jewels are currently without a coach following the end of Malawian-born mentor Mary Waya, who was appointed on a short-term contract to be in-charge of the team at the Africa Netball World Cup Qualifiers, that were held in Cape Town, South Africa from August 21 to 27.

Namibia, however, failed to qualify to the World Cup tournament to be staged in South Africa next year.

Netball Namibia (NN) this week said no discussion have been held yet in regards to the appointment of a new coach.

NN, earlier this year appointed a new executive team led by Rebekka /Goagoses who will responsible for captaining the NN ship for the next five years.

/Goagoses, who also serves on the Netball Africa board as a Vice President for Development, is the only member from the previous board who retained her position.

The other new board members are, Seu P Gowaseb (Technical Director), Connie Samaria (Vice President of Strategy and Policy), Marvellous Khaebes-Orchar (Vice President Development), Rauna Haulu (Regional and Association Member Representative) and Juanitha Witbeen (additional member).

Sources who spoke to Confidente Sports said former coach, Julene Meyer could be re-appointed.

“No discussions on strategic organisational activities have been entered into by the new board. Once we have a direction we will surely share information where needed,” /Goagoses told Confidente Sports desk.

She also explained why the Desert Jewels failed defend the M1 Nations Cup trophy, they won in Singapore in 2019, saying the decision was due to financial shortages which forced NN to prioritise other events

“It was merely a matter of priorities and prioritising which events to participate in- as you can remember, we had the Pent Series and Africa Championship in the same calendar year, running concurrently as World Cup qualifiers.  If financial resources permit, we will re-look at the Singapore invite and also apply our minds on the basis and importance of participating at events – for example – looking at what are we going to benefit from participating,” /Goagoses said.

The Desert Jewels are sponsored by Debmarine Namibia.