Dibasen School seeks assistance

By Confidente Reporter

DIBASEN Junior Secondary school is requesting for financial assistance to help purchase a mini-bus to ease transport woes currently faced at the school.

Principal Licaba Siboli said the school which has 326 learners has been struggling to transport learners to not only events that are outside the school but also transport them to hospital when sick.

“Dibasen Junior Secondary School is situated 75 km North-West of Omaruru, in the Daures Constituency in the Erongo region. For many years, the school has faced a dire need for its own means of transportation. The school does not have a single car to use when there is a need for the transportation of teachers, learners and/or goods from place to place.”

He added that it is especially difficult at the moment where there is Covid-19 and at any time a learner may need to be taken to the hospital.

“It really made us realise we can’t continue without our own transportation. Day trips, field trips, excursions, sports and cultural events, too, contribute to a child’s development,” he said adding they need to purchase at least a 16-seater or 28-seater minibus.

“It is a known fact the education of a child is something that must be done holistically. We dream of transforming the school into a hub of academic excellence, and that can only be realised if the required support is received from all stakeholders. So, if there is a company or someone who can buy or give us such a bus that would be great. Otherwise we need financial assistance”.

*For contributions please contact Principal Siboli on 081 2830178